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lard galvez tub beaner defense overweight pedo wh of izzy force nyberg iglvzxsarah

Izzy Galvez / iglvzxSarah Nyberg Pedo Defense Force, Overweight Tub of Beaner Lard Wh
Izzy Galvez / iglvzxSarah Nyberg Pedo Defense Force, Overweight Tub of Beaner Lard Who Hates Kiwi Farms

I have capped comments from this guy before and have been seeing him pop up a lot lately but after talking with @Hellfire and @Ausyarr, they have given me some important background information on him and how much he has white knighted for Sarah Nyberg before. He's already aware that this website exists and doesn't like us very much (there was a tweet I capped in another thread of him reacting to us and claiming that we had done something to some woman he knew about), so it's only appropriate for him to finally get a thread here. He's favorited tweets by NekoArc and likely Laurelai Bailey before too, so he's also part of that network of insane tranny cows and their white knights.

KotakuInAction has a lot of information about his past Nyberg white knighting. He's seen as quite a controversial figure over in those parts and for good reason. Look at this goddamn shit.

[Image: proxy.php?]

Other cows like Jasper Knightstone / camethedawnxp have tweeted him before. Look at them defending Nyberg together. Crazy.

[Image: proxy.php?]

These are the tweets that Izzy favorited from NekoArc yesterday. He has done the same with Laurelai if you've ever paid attention to any of what he puts out.

[Image: proxy.php?]

For the record, the icon on the very right in the likes is Izzy. He has this blank Kirby avatar.

A lot of you probably also have heard of Izzy from this infamous clip.

He has two Twitter accounts. One is his regular one and the other one is this odd ebooks one he made.

The ebooks account is used to republish the same shit that you'll find on his regular Twitter.

From his blog, he even talks about how to make your own ebook account.

[Image: proxy.php?]

Tyler Thorp has tweeted Izzy in the past, so it's more confirmation he's also ingrained in this lolcow herd.

[Image: proxy.php?]

He's also a fanboy of RationalWiki. Go figure.

[Image: proxy.php?]

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