Attorney Lawyer Melissa J Sanford of Fayetteville, GA nephew Stalker internet bully Joshua Conner Moon owns and runs the criminal illegal hate stalker group Kiwifarms that drove a young girl named Julie Terryberry to suicide that is now dead. Our site here is run by the public and the victims of Joshua and his group of stalker internet bullies on Kiwifarms and our mission is to shut down Joshua and the crime family of Kiwifarms. Joshua mother and other family members have been confirmed members of Kiwifarms and helping and funding Joshua and Kiwifarms run. Criminal charges need to be filed and countless reports have been filed with the FBI and countless police offices all over the world and the KiwiFarmers need to be brought to justice. All content here is strictly user submitted content no different from content posted by users of Facebook or Twiiter and is not intended to hurt anyone and the owners are not responsible for whats posted on this site by its users. Help us stop internet bullies like Joshua and his crime family. We are hosted offshore and do not keep track of IP's so make an account now and help us expose these criminals. READ MORE HERE

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didnt conner his moon twitter like joshua account moms

Joshua Conner Moon didnt like his moms twitter account
Joshua Conner Moon didnt like his moms twitter account and reported it and got it banned by the faggots at twitter that dont support free speech. Oh well time to make 15 more.

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