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to despicable trend welcome the bandwagon minions

The Minions Bandwagon - Welcome to the Despicable Trend
[Image: proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg....378bcc3b26]
This picture above there is a "Minion", a yellow creature that is pretty well-known in the "Despicable Me" animated movie series. Some of you might ask, "Well, what's 'Despicable Me'?"
The Despicable Me franchise started in 2010 when the first movie came out thanks to Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. It became so popular that it even has a sequel, and recently there's even a spin-off movie called "Minions", which focuses on the yellow creatures.

But of course, we already knew how crazy the cartoon fandom is. Since "Minions" was the latest animated popular movie to be in theatres, we have the Minions fandom which has been almost everywhere on the Internet, from mainstream Facebook to obscure imageboards too.

So post here for some minion cringe. Here's some examples to get ya started. [Image: icon_julay.png]

[Image: proxy.php?]
(Credit to @Eponine )
[Image: proxy.php?]
[Image: proxy.php?]

M3 thinkz minionz haz 2 braight colorz that gurtz me little eyes, I mean shitrty trend looks like retard smurfs ffs, the minions underwerz r the 1s dat hurtz moar.
Who is Deafnitchely not Tarprome and what is Joshua prophecy against the goyim?

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