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My name is Candice Lynn Potter and I live at 3750 Don Janeal Rd Pensacola, FL and I am the mother of Joshua Conner Moon who is helping me with this site. Me and my son were attacked online after we were running a site called Kiwifarms and now I have made this site of my own as a payback after I have have had my house egged, pizzas ordered, cars flat tired and more. My son does most of the work for me but I try to do what I can.

You can see more Joshua Conner Moon Family Members here. Any questions feel free to email me at candicelynnpotter AT

 William Potter & Linda Cherry Potter (Moon's grandparents)
Phone numbers




Vicky Potter (mom of Candice Potter's sister in law)


Moon's aunt

[email protected] 301-854-3624

Candy Potter

[email protected] 757-932-5494 850-897-0294